BPPJ 2020

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A Year Before Super Tuesday

This Spring, the Berkeley Public Policy Journal will profile the (many) candidates vying to become the next President of the United States. Starting Tuesday, March 5 – a calendar year before Super Tuesday – BPPJ will feature weekly posts written by Goldman students who are taking a look at who’s running and why. We note that these posts feature author opinions that do not represent BPPJ, the Goldman School of Public Policy, or UC Berkeley.

North Carolina Needs an Attendance Plan for Elementary Schools
By Rachel Hammond In the 2015-2016 school year, 11.2% of elementary school students in North Carolina were chronically absent, missing
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The IRS must introduce tax reforms to regulate donor-advised funds. Here are some proposals to consider.
by Sana Satpathy As tax time approaches, the top one percent of US earners are meeting with their accountants to
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If You Care About Coronavirus, You Should Care About Paid Sick Leave
By Leah Catotti Most of us are at least a little worried about Coronavirus (COVID-19) – and our fears have
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The 2020 Candidates on Higher Education
By Maria Valle and Reyna McKinnon With higher education costs and student debt reaching record highs, nearly all 2020 Democratic
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Housing Policy in the 2020 Democratic Primary
by Eli Kahn Even though housing issues affect everyone, housing has rarely been a top political issue in recent federal
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The 2020 Democratic Primary Candidates On Immigration 
by Daniel Morales Campos The immigration debate in the United States is perhaps the most polarizing and toxic among contemporary
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Defining Electability: How Do the Top Democratic Candidates Stack Up?
by Randy Clopton Electability. This word has hung over the heads of the more progressive candidates for this entire election
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Paying Attention to Residential Parking: Why Cities Should Care
By Marta Polovin Parking is at the epicenter of a complicated relationship between land use and transportation. The way a
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Combating Poverty in California: A Case for Reforming Social Safety Net Programs
by Nemesio Cabral There is strong evidence that current state and federal social safety net programs are effective at combating
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Canada and Liberalism’s Voter-Concentration Problem
By Eli Kahn Canada’s election on October 22nd returned Liberal prime minister Justin Trudeau to power, despite his tarnished image
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